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Teeth whitening at TG’s Dental Suite

Brighten your discoloured or stained teeth with professional teeth whitening at TG’s Dental Suite.

Benefits of teeth whitening
  • Remove stains and marks

  • Improve your appearance

  • Boost your confidence

  • Quick smile makeover

  • Non-invasive treatment

Let your smile shine

Teeth can discolour for many reasons over time, but it’s most commonly due to lifestyle factors like smoking and the consumption of red wine, tea/coffee, and food colourants. The good news is that there's a solution with professional teeth whitening at TG’s Dental Suite.

Teeth whitening is the process of using a mild bleach to remove stains and other discolouration from the surface of the teeth, leaving you with a brighter, whiter smile.

Your dentist will recommend the most ideal system based on a thorough examination of your teeth and will give you more information on the various types of whitening procedures available, the duration, and the frequency of treatment.

Teeth Whitening can improve
  • Heavy staining from smoking

  • The appearance of your teeth

  • Confidence in your smile

  • Your smile for a big event

How much does teeth whitening cost?

Arrow Down | Bow Lane Dental Group in London

Our teeth whitening starts at £495, or £396 on our membership plan. See our costs and membership page for more information. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to be the first to know about our seasonal offers – get teeth whitening for as little as £199!

How can I maintain my teeth whitening results?

Arrow Down | Bow Lane Dental Group in London

Maintaining good oral hygiene habits, avoiding highly pigmented foods and drinks that stain, and regular dental hygiene treatments can help prolong the results of teeth whitening.

Very good experience so far, staff have always been nice and friendly. I had Invisalign and whitening done and really pleased with the results I've had with Tom, they have made a really big difference. Practice is nice and clean, modern and felt at ease during my appointments.

James Gooding

Really great experience with TGs Ashby. Have recently had whitening and composite bonding with dentist Tom and am super happy with the results, would definitely recommend Tom for any cosmetic dentistry.

Rachel Butler

Had a fear of the dentists but this practice made me feel at ease, the girls are very welcoming and reassure you soon  as you walk in, I had to have major dental works, Sundip and his team are amazing! Highly recommend in every aspect

james fletcher

Teeth whitening smile transformations


Perfect for your next big event

Teeth whitening is a great solution for a quick and easy smile enhancement if you have a big event coming up, like a wedding or a function.

Depending on your teeth and the level of staining, the teeth whitening process can take as little as 2 - 3 weeks, making it the perfect way to achieve that dazzling, photo-ready smile without needing any major cosmetic work.

How teeth

Once the whitening trays are placed in your mouth, the active ingredient in the whitening gel, which can be either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, starts to break down.

This breakdown process safely penetrates the dental enamel and initiates a chemical oxidation reaction that breaks down the stains on your teeth, creating the whitening effect that gives you that movie star smile.

We offer professional gels in different formula strengths for whitening during the day, and at night while you sleep, so there’s a smile makeover solution to suit most people.

teeth whitening

At TG’s Dental Suite we offer an award-winning range of products from Whitewash Laboratories.

Developed by dentists for you, Whitewash products offer whitening options for everyone, but your dentist will be able to assess your teeth and lifestyle and come up with a suitable treatment plan using one or solutions.

Frequently asked questions about teeth whitening at TG’s Dental Suite

How does teeth whitening work?

Arrow Down | Bow Lane Dental Group in London

To begin the teeth whitening process, we will provide you with custom trays, made from an impression we'll take of your teeth. The activated gel sits inside the trays against your teeth and the whitening process begins. Our dentist will instruct you on how long to leave your trays in each day, it is usually around an hour.

How long does a teeth whitening treatment last?

Arrow Down | Bow Lane Dental Group in London

By sticking to some straightforward maintenance tips after the treatment, you can enjoy the benefits of your beautiful, white teeth for 6 - 12 months. To prolong the whitening effect, we suggest wearing your custom-made whitening trays as instructed by your dentist at home and practising good oral hygiene habits such as daily brushing, reducing the intake of heavily pigmented foods and drinks, and thoroughly rinsing your mouth with water after meals.

Can I whiten my teeth if I have crowns or veneers?

Arrow Down | Bow Lane Dental Group in London

You can, but there could end up being a difference in colour between your natural teeth and the ones that have crowns or veneers because it’s only your natural teeth that will absorb the whitening pigment. We recommend getting a whitening treatment before you get your crowns or veneers  if possible, so your restorations can be matched to your whitened teeth.

Who is a good candidate for teeth whitening?

Arrow Down | Bow Lane Dental Group in London

Teeth whitening is generally safe and effective for most people, but it may not be appropriate for people with certain dental conditions or sensitivities. Our team of dental professionals can help to determine if teeth whitening is a good option for you.


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