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Dental bridges at TG’s Dental Suite

Replace your missing teeth and complete your smile with a dental bridge at TG’s Dental Suite.

The benefits of dental bridges
  • Complete your smile

  • Replace missing teeth

  • Eat and speak easier

  • Long-lasting and durable

  • 0% APR interest-free monthly instalments

Replace your
missing teeth with
a dental bridge

A dental bridge is made up of one or more artificial teeth which are anchored to the remaining natural teeth on either side of the gap in your smile, acting as a bridge to hold them securely in place. Because they’re custom-made to match your natural teeth and designed to function and look like real teeth, dental bridges are a great solution for people who have one or more missing teeth and want to be able to smile with confidence again.

Dental bridges are great for
  • Restoring mouth function

  • Improving your appearance

  • Maintaining face structure

  • Preventing jaw shrinkage

  • Improving oral health

How much does a dental bridge cost?

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Dental bridges at TG’s Dental Suite start at £850, or £680 on our membership plan. We also offer 0% APR interest-free monthly instalments to help you spread the cost of your treatment. See our costs and membership page for more information.

How long do dental bridges last?

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With proper care and maintenance, dental bridges can last up to 15 years (and sometimes more). Regular dental check-ups and good oral hygiene habits are important to ensure your dental bridge lasts for as long as possible.

Brilliant experience from start to finish. Makes you feel at ease from the moment you sit in the seat, dentists are genuine and listen to your concerns, and all of the dental nurses make you feel welcome and at ease. Also very clean and felt covid safe. Definitely recommend this place to everyone!

Daisy B

This practice is fantastic. Rang to book an emergency appointment for a broken tooth, appointment was arranged for the same day. Informed that the tooth required a crown, they prepared the tooth, scanned and within 1 hour 30, I was walking out with a perfect Porcelain crown. Amazing! Very professional and friendly staff. I would highly recommend.

andrew craske

Recently visited for treatment by James W, he successfully installed a bridge in my lower jaw. The whole process was very easy and ran smoothly, he is a very conscientious and helpful dentist.

The bridge feels like it’s been in my mouth my whole life. Throughout the process he kept me fully informed and aware of the procedures necessary, my view is that he is a very talented technician and I would highly recommend him.

John Abberley

Dental bridge smile transformations


The benefits of
dental bridges

Dental bridges are a safe, effective, and long-lasting option for patients who have one or more missing teeth.

  • Restore mouth function: Dental bridges restore your ability to speak and eat properly, allowing you to enjoy your favourite foods and talk without difficulty.

  • Improve your appearance: Bridges can improve the appearance of your smile by filling gaps left by missing teeth and restoring the natural shape of your teeth and face.

  • Maintain facial structure: When teeth are missing, t3he jawbone can begin to deteriorate and change the shape of the face, and bridges help to maintain the structure of the jaw.

  • Prevent teeth movement: When teeth are missing, adjacent teeth can shift out of place causing bite problems and even further tooth loss – bridges help to fill the gaps.

  • Long-lasting restoration: Dental bridges are custom-made made of extremely durable material, and can last for many years with proper care and maintenance.

  • Convenient and lifestyle-friendly: Bridges are a fixed solution for missing teeth, which means you won't have to worry about removing them for cleaning or maintenance.

How dental bridges work

When we place a dental bridge, a single device is attached to two teeth on each side of the space where a tooth is missing, and an artificial tooth is attached in the middle of the bridge to fill in the gap.

Sometimes the teeth on either side of the gap are prepared for crowns, and the bridge is cemented onto the prepared surface of the teeth, creating the appearance of a “new” tooth.

In some cases, we may use a resin-bonded bridge that attaches to the natural teeth on each side using metal brackets.

Frequently asked questions about dental bridges at
TG’s Dental Suite

Is it painful to get a dental bridge?

Arrow Down | Bow Lane Dental Group in London

It’s not painful to have a dental bridge placed, but we do use local anaesthesia to numb the area during the procedure, and make sure you’re as comfortable as possible.

How do I look after my dental bridge?

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It's important to brush your teeth and dental bridge twice a day, floss daily and use an antiseptic mouthwash to help prevent gum disease and decay. You should also avoid hard or sticky foods that can damage or dislodge the bridge.


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